Please Support Us to Build the Very First Fermented Tea Factory in Japan
We are now planning to build a tea factory solely for producing fermented tea in Fujinomiya city in Shizuoka.
Until now, we used our partnered tea farmers’ factories and publically owned factories to produce our fermented tea.
However, the public facilities are only open until 5pm and we could not work late at night or early in the morning, which is the critical time for processing fermented tea.
We already own some fermented tea processing machines from Taiwan but we have limited production due to restricted time to use the facilities.
To start producing our fermented tea so everyone can enjoy our tea, we are in need of our own factory and it is our dream to build one.
Once the factory is built, it will be the very first fermented tea processing factory in Japan.
The factory will not only set the standard for fermented tea culture in Japan but also can produce a world-class tea.
Through funding services such as crowdfunding, we ask you for support to build our factory by April 2018 to increase the production.